T30 Sport Touring Radial


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Front – T-Cross Shaped Groove:

  • Straight center groove provides better contact due to reduced tread stiffness
  • Slanted groove towards the shoulder provides higher block stiffness due to consistent input force when cornering to enhance control

Rear – Semi-Slick Pattern Shoulder:

  • Fewer grooves provide a larger contact patch and higher block stiffness, inspiring confidence when cornering

Rear – Swirl Shaped Groove:

  • Groove offers a combination of round and straight elements, improving contact without losing block stiffness
  • Tread stiffness and contact patch are optimized for performance

Rear – 3LC (Dual Compound):

  • 3LC (Dual Compound) places durable rubber in the center area and high-grip rubber in the shoulder areas of the tire to offer good mileage, stability and traction