S-20 Ultra-High Performance Radial


Achieves high handling performance and confident cornering by using advanced tread patterns and construction technology inspired by Moto GP

Provides excellent all-around performance on city roads, highways, back roads, and light track use


Achieves high grip by adopting modified 3LC (Dual Compound) rubber compounds that work in a wide range of temperatures

3LC (Dual Compound) places durable rubber in the center area and high-grip rubber in the shoulder areas to offer good mileage, stability and traction

Features quick warm-up even in low temperature conditions

Contact patch is optimized to improve contact with the road and enhance performance

Wet Performance

Increased wet performance vs. BT016 PRO by adopting advanced patterns and rubber compounds

Performs well in all conditions from damp to extreme wet road conditions


T30 Sport Touring Radial


Achieves improved grip and handling (compared to the BT023) by using advanced patterns and updated NanoPro-Tech compound for front tire

Front – T-Cross Shaped Groove:

  • Straight center groove provides better contact due to reduced tread stiffness
  • Slanted groove towards the shoulder provides higher block stiffness due to consistent input force when cornering to enhance control

Rear – Semi-Slick Pattern Shoulder:

  • Fewer grooves provide a larger contact patch and higher block stiffness, inspiring confidence when cornering

Rear – Swirl Shaped Groove:

  • Groove offers a combination of round and straight elements, improving contact without losing block stiffness
  • Tread stiffness and contact patch are optimized for performance

Rear – 3LC (Dual Compound):

  • 3LC (Dual Compound) places durable rubber in the center area and high-grip rubber in the shoulder areas of the tire to offer good mileage, stability and traction


Light and predictable handling inspires confidence in the turn

Good stability at high lean angles

Ability to hold the chosen line

Good performance in both dry and wet conditions

“GT” specs available to suit heavier weight motorcycles with enhanced carcass stiffness and a modified tread pattern (front tire)


Battlecross X30/X40 High Performance MX Tires


Convex “Castle Block” (rear tire) is a raised block in the center of the lug for enhanced traction in acceleration and braking

  • The edges of the convex blocks catch the track surface and achieve high grip on a wide range of terrains
  • Provides high contact pressure against the track surface to enhance traction

Asymmetric Block Pattern (front tire) with optimized block placement achieves stable grip during braking and cornering

Heat Dissipation

Anti-Degradation Fin (cooling fin for motorcycle) offers improved heat dissipation to promote consistent performance

  • Motocross tires operate at lower air pressures and increased deflection rates, causing performance-robbing heat generation by flexing of sidewall
  • Cooling Fin Technology (already used in automotive run-flat tires) is modified for motocross tires to improve heat dissipation and offer consistent performance

X30 - Intermediate Terrain

X40 - Hard Terrain


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